Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things I have Accomplished This Semester

Dear Readers!

This has been, in some ways, a very productive year.  Or at least, one would hope so what with the way I worked my ass off the last few weeks.  So, let's take a little retrospective and glance at my achievement list for the past four months.  We'll do school first!

1) I took a class on operating systems.  I now know more about how the inside of your computer works.  Is this going to help me in the future?  Maybe, but I really doubt that whatever job I get will be writing the next Mac OSX.  On the other hand, it was decently interesting.  And I totally beat some Plants vs. Zombies levels during the most boring lectures.

2) I took a class on modern algebra.  Is this going to help me ever in any way, shape, or form?  No.  But I can talk about obscure math-y things and possibly make you feel dumb.

3) I took a class about databases.  It was terribly taught and awful awful awful.  The only redeeming part was the project at the end, where we built our own multimedia Db and front end.  I learned lots there, and it will in fact be useful in Jobs and such, but the simple fact is, a three hour a night weeklong course just doing that project would have given me EXACTLY as much as I got out of the entire four months.  Thanks, Dr. Wang.  (Yes, that was his name.  This is not a penis joke.)

4) I took a class on distributed systems. In this, I learned python, which is fuckall awesome, and a smattering of other really cool and ambiguously useful stuff.  But seriously. PYTHON. Have you read XKCD ever? If not, you should. Especially the ones about python.

So that wraps up school nonsense. What else did I learn?  I learned:

  • Just now, how to make a bulleted list, which would have been SO USEFUL when doing that last post about Disney people
  • A lot of things about relationships, some of which suck but many of which are totally amazing, and none of which I'm going to share with You, dear reader, because I like privacy (Also, I pronounce that word like privv-a-see in my head, like I'm British. Weird... )
  • Things about breaking Jeeps
  • Serbian history (in preparation for going there)
  • That I like cooking more than ever and that I should do it way more often
  • That it is in fact possible for me to get a tan, and that I look better with one
The last thing that I learned is that I am growing up, for real now, and that I am sort of mostly an Adult now.  And the really scary part is, and this is just creepy: I like it.


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