Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self improvement and lurking evil in the North

It is Wednesday! This means that tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday, we go visit some monasteries. I'm cool with that.

Today we met Zarko Korac, who is among a lot of other things the leader of the Social-Democratic Party and an antiwar activist and a professor. He was very interesting, to say the least. Yesterday we had some other meetings of that sort - Director of the Foreign Affairs Ministry's North & South America sector and Director of the EU sector, and a professor of PoliSci. They all know the same things, and facts, but they interpret and spin them so differently. Boundless optimism from the EU office director, official lines from the State Secretary the day before (and all the other government officials to some extent) and the professors tending towards the pessimistic. An experience. Anyway I've been writing stuff for class about them for a while today so I really don't wanna go into detail or post another boring journal excerpt so that's it there I think.

Today I finally felt decent enough to get up and go running, so I did. Crazy what allergy meds and getting rid of a cough will do for you. I was sleeping like 8 hours and feeling like hell, then last night I got 5 and was bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Except for the part about the tail, but that'd be pretty cool, if people had tails. It'd probably be easier to tell their moods. Anyways, mine would have been bushy.

One last note: My wonderful sister has made known to me that, frustrated by their failure with the Coyotes, the dread city of Winnipeg and its demonic overlords Chipman and Thomson have once again cast their greedy eyes towards the Thrashers, and even now are plotting to drag them north into an icy prison from whence there is no return. If that happens, I might have to turn into a something else fan... Maybe Blackhawks? I could get another Hossa jersey! And then he'd leave the season after. Who knows. We'll see.

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  1. "It is Wednesday! This means that tomorrow is Thursday."

    I think you have a future in song-writing for 13 year-old girls.