Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Montenegro, Sarajevo, and All That Jazz

So, spending a week on the Adriatic Coast really does not put one in a mood to blog.  Rather, it encourages  a form of lethargy that manifests in strong desires to lie on the beach in the sun.  I am not in the least ashamed to admit that I gave in to those desires.

Montenegro is gorgeous.  So is Bosnia.  In terms of countryside, they put Serbia to shame.  They really enjoy tunnels in Montenegro, but seeing as the entire country is made of mountains, it does make sense.  Sarajevo is still full of bullet holes, which is fairly insane.

Anyways, I don't think I have the patience to summarize the whole trip, so I'm going to give a bullet pointed list of Really Cool Stuff I Did.  Here goes:
  • I walked an entire circuit of the city walls of Dubrovnik, a really cool ex-Venetian walled city in the south of Croatia.  We had a very gay tour guide, upon whose tour I may have been slightly drunk.
  • I toured the Bay of Kotor, going to Our Lady of the Rock, a pretty church on a manmade island with lots of crazy stories about its creation, and also contained a very gay tour guide
  • I stood on the exact spot where Gavrilo Princip fired the shots that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand and started the First World War
  • I woke up at 4.15 AM to the prayer coming from the minaret of the mosque a hundred yards from my window in Sarajevo
  • We stopped the bus multiple times on our drive through Bosnia due to herds of sheep crossing the road
  • I kayaked and paddle boated to the islands off of Petrovac, avoiding sea urchins and the perils of the wide open Adriatic
  • I drank wine that was served on the Titanic from a 300 year old family-run winery in Novi Sad
There's also a shorter list of Really Cool Things I Didn't Get To Do since I was in Serbia, which mainly contains my bitterness for missing Game Three of the Stanley Cup Finals.

This is a short post, since I have to go present my class paper very soon.  Tonight, farewell dinner, tomorrow, flying home.  Hopefully I can find a ride from the airport...